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Windows 8, Is It Really DOA?

Issues or Not? Over the past couple of days I have read some very interesting posts by people having issues with Windows 8 or the perception that Windows 8 doesn’t have something when it actually does. In particular, this...

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The Future of Bitcoin?

A lot of press has been made of Bitcoin in the last few years, but what exactly is the phenomenon and how could or would it affect the way that we handle transactions? Background For the uninitiated. Bitcoin is a form of...

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Capitalism Works! Even for Hackers?

InfoWorld is finally reporting on a rather disheartening trend that I have watched over the past year or so, which is the rise of the consumer black markets for malware. That’s right, just when you thought that those wily...

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Speaking at #CBusPASS Tonight

Tonight I will have the honor of presenting at the Columbus, OH PASS Group. If you are in the area then please stop by..ESPECIALLY if you have never been to a PASS user group meeting before. I cannot tell you how many people I...

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     Can someone please explain to me what the benefit of using the SSMA tool to migrate Access databases is? I have looked at it on and off for a week now and don’t really see why it would be used over...

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