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Simple VS2010 Tool O’ The Day

Okay so just a quick post here to give some kudos to Skybladev2 for developing this cool little add-in that replaces the default C# outline behavior to allow it to add outlining for all braces {} in your code. I found it a...

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#Telerik : Complex Drop Down Boxes

Okay, so Telerik makes a fabulous suite of tools which include the RadComboBox control. Now if we want to take our previous example of a list of people the combobox works very well for selecting a list of items as shown in the...

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Creating Prototypes with SketchFlow

Michael Sorens has an interesting article on Simple Talk about using SketchFlow which comes with Microsoft Expression Blend to create prototypes for WPF applications. The same is true for Silverlight applications as well. You...

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Google Analytics Module in C#

At the last SQL Saturday Chicago event a spoke at this year, I had the pleasure of meeting a guy by the name of Michael Kappel. He has a pretty nice HttpModule for Google Analytics in this C# Codeplex project found here....

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