Month: February 2008

Eli Lilly Lunch & Learn Slides

Here are the slides from my presentation today for the Eli Lilly Lunch & Learn session. It is an overview of replication titled. Replication Demystified   It has a lot of good stuff in enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to ask! Replication Presentation...

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SMO Presentation Slides

Here are Server Management Objects(SMO) presentation slides from the February 21st event. Feel free to email me if you find any thing that you have issues with concerning SMO. I will be trying to put up a short series of blogs demonstrating some of the things programmatically you can do using SMO. Slides...

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SMO Presentation

This Thursday is PTI’s next Learning Series Event. I will be presenting on DBA Toolkit:SMO. It should be a fun 3 hour run through as I have plenty of demos ready to show how powerful the SMO paradigm is. If you haven’t signed up yet please go to the PTI events page below… Cheers,AJ Powered by...

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SQL Server 2008 Release Pushed Back!

You can read the depressing news here…… The Data Platform Insider If you read the whoe blog entry it makes it sound like this is a fanatastic thing and I guess you have to put the best spin on things. What depresses me is that I have asked several times at various events about the release date. Especially, sinc eI have yet to see things like database mirroring…but have consistantly been told that this is because of the ‘new’ design methodology…code complete…yadda-yadda-yadda. Basically, that we just need to wait and be patient. When is Microsoft going to understand the concept of under promise – over deliver? Cheers,...

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