Month: September 2008

Advanced Excel Manipulation in SSIS: Part I

     This is a 2 part post of some advanced techniques that I am hoping to demonstrate this weekend in my IndyTechFest presentations. The premise is that you need to take an Excel workbook and process all of the sheets within the workbook in some way. Now SSIS is normally cool if the naming of the sheets is standardized and the same each time…but ….what if they were not? What if you only knew that you would have n number of sheets per workbook to process and no idea of how they would be named.  It actually turns out to be pretty easy to handle once you know what you are doing. First lets assume that you have the connection to your Excel workbook already made. You would merely do the following. 1. Create a variable to hold the current sheet name of the sheet to be processed. 2. Drop a For Each Loop onto the design surface with a Data Flow object in the center for processing each of the sheets as shown below. Image 1: Set up For Each Loop 3. Now edit the For Each Loop. Select the Collections tab and pick the ‘Foreach ADO.NAT Schema Rowset Enumerator’. Select your connection and set the schema to Tables. This will make the For Each Loop run through the tables within the workbook. This setup is shown below…....

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Microsoft/Oracle Event Presentations

Good Morning everyone! Well, we got through the joint Microsoft/Oracle and it seemed to be a rousing success. We had well over a hundred people in attendance which seemed great to me. Everyone engaged with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Thanks to everyone who came. Here are my 3 presentations that I gave throughout the day. I have included the code samples that I used in each in order to make it a little easier for everyone. SQL Server 2008: Deep Dive SQL Server for the Oracle DBA SQL Server Reporting Services: Implementation to Customization Cheers,...

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