Month: March 2009

Stretching Your IT Budget Through Consultants

I don’t often write about business things on my site but I encountered a phenomenon a couple of weeks ago at our joint Microsoft/Oracle event. Several people asked me the same question, “How do you guys make money on these events? There was no selling in the sessions?”. Every time, I explain that it is not necessarily a direct one to one correlation. Rather, that we do these free community events in order to indirectly drive sales our way. We are essential selling our best asset, our people. It’s not a hard fast formula but if you show that you are the best of the best then businesses take not of that. Who wants to hire the #2 or #3 company to do a mission critical project? Invariably, the second question, well more of a statement than a question, “But I don’t see a CIOs, CFOs, or (Insert 3 letter abbreviation here)”. This is true. Technical events are more geared towards the non-management people. The people on the front lines whom actually have to write the code or configure the database. So why do we do it. Simply, it is because any good manager knows that part of managing groups is to not come up with all the ideas yourself. You need to take input from the team…look at all the options…and then take a course of action. What...

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Microsoft-Oracle Event March 2009

We just finished PTI’s second joint Microsoft/Oracle joint code camp yesterday. Everything went along smoothly from my end and we had over 100 people attend which is good for a Wednesday event. I gave three presentations during the day over the following topics. ADO.NET Entity Framework Spatial Data using SQL Server 2008 ASP.NET Dynamic Data Pages Everyone seemed generally very excited about these new technologies and the first one, Entity Framework, generated a WHOLE lot of discussion. I generally see this as an indicator that people see the usefullness of the technology which gets me way stoked. I wish that I could get an okay to show some of the future stuff that will be coming out with VS 2010 because it is just over the top coolness. As promised here are the slides and projects for ALL of the presentations. Thanks to everyone whom attended! Event Files   ** One final note: Several people said that they were ‘surprised’ that it was not some kind of huge marketing talk. These are not. So if you want to get on our events mailing list then just shoot me an email and I will get it to our event gal so you are on the notification list. Tags:...

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CincyPASS Powershell Presentation

I have been notified by someone that I forgot to post my slides and examples from the CincyPASS Powershell presentation. Sorry for the delay but here are the files. You should also find some more tips and tricks on some of the posts provided on the site. Powershell Presentation Cheers,AJ Tags: presentation, event, pass, powershell, sql+server, sql, sql+server+2005, sql+server+2008,...

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