Month: May 2009

Cuil is Pretty Cool

Well, I have got to admit that I have neglected looking into other search engines for some time. You would think with my background in neural networks and such that I would naturally be a nut about search engines. Sorry, my time is tight enough with all of my consulting and speaking engagements. So in my research for Microsoft’s upcoming search engine release(Kumo or Bling or whatever it will be named), I came across a group of former Google engineers that in the last year launched their own search engine called Cuil…and believe it or not..I really like it. I find that it is a lot more refreshing that Google which now actually seems kind of blah…It almost seems as if Google is just sitting on their duff while they rake in the dough as I haven’t really seen a lot of innovation around search from them lately. So I would encourage everyone to take a look and decide for yourself. Cheers, AJ Tags:...

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Twitter to Charge for Premium Services

It looks like at the All Things Digital Conference yesterday that Evan Williams hinted towards actually moving the company towards some type of profitability in the future. It doesn’t appear right at the moment that they have their plans solidified but it is definitely on the horizon… “There will be a moment when you can fill out a form or something and give us money,” – Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder and CEO That sounds a lot like a registration form with a tie in to a Visa account. A lot of people are trying to read between the lines on this one to say that if you look carefully then they say ‘give’ which means its optional. Well, okay maybe, but I come from a strong background in business and my business sense tells me that that makes no sense. Waiting for people to donate has never been a particularly strong avenue for raising capital. Even the other Twitterites like Stone know that they have got a good thing and are probably missing out on a huge opportunity if they don’t strike while the iron is hot. “Pretty soon, everybody’s going to hate us.” – Stone That’s right buddy…if you guys don’t get your act together you are going to be the Telletubbies of the Internet world. Well, except for the fact that the Telletubbies made like a bizillion...

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Microsoft Watch: Look for a Yahoo Deal on the Horizon

Well, things are starting to come together here in the past couple of weeks to see where things are heading in terms of Micorsoft’s search arena. We have the impending lauch of Kumo…which may be named Bing.. but personally I like Kumo better. Then there is the cash raise. Then Microsoft semi-quietly opened an LLC venture in Delaware. Normally, this signals a partnership or a buy somewhere in the market. It has been speculated that Microsoft was looking to acquire Citrix but I have yet to see nay other evidence that they are dancing together as of yet. It makes much more sense with the breakdown of talks earlier with Yahoo that they would go for another try…Personnally, I would go to them and say ‘Hey, we don’t really need search to survive but Google is eating up more and more share of the market. We could work together and turn this thing around in both our favors.’. Yahoo has to look at this strategically from the fact that they could leverage Microsoft as well. Yahoo has a good deal of Karma with the community out there. So while Microsoft would have to work at buying into that Karma with any new tech that came out of the deal….Yahoo would not and therefore could conceivably capitalize on the outcome much faster than Microsoft could. Karma should not be discounted. Microsoft’s...

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New Azure CloudApp() Challenge

Microsoft’s CloudApp() Challenge deadline is coming up quickly. So for those developers whom want to flex their intellectual muscles a little bit and show us what a real cloud computing application looks like on the Azure™ Services Platform then you have until June 18th to submit. For those of you who haven’t gotten the word yet and would like more information….becuase let’s be honest…we have over 3 weeks which is a lifetime in application development terms…here is the website. Cheers,AJ Tags:...

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Microsoft’s Kumo Search Engine

There has been a lot of buzz going on lately about Microsoft’s new search engine attempt. After the failed attempt at acquiring Yahoo earlier, Microsoft is still looking at making a dent at the all powerful Google market. So in order to do that….if you can out buy them…then you must out innovate them. So imagine my surprise this weekend as I am trying to get back into the swing of things with my blog and I come across the fact that the most number of hits from a particular source over my rolling 30 day period is from none other than…kumo.??? Interesting, to say the least. Of course, unless you are an insider at Microsoft you are not getting into the damn thing to take a look but it goes to show you that the Microsoft Cloud architecture that this thing is going to be sitting on is not sitting on its duff waiting for people to say..’Oh, come crawl my site please’. It would be interesting to take a look at the basics of the site and see hwo everything rolls together. Another interesting thing to look at would be to see if Microsoft is going to be giving us webmasters out there some good analytics tools like Google Analytics in order to hook us into using their service a little more often.  So Steve B. if...

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