Month: September 2009

SQL Saturday #23 – Louisville,KY

I will be speaking at this event so make sure you attend:) No seriously, for those of you around the area or up for a drive then please take the time to support this event. It looks like there are some good sessions. My goal these days is to try to make the demos and such over the top to the point that they elicit applause from the audience. So for those of you wanting to learn more about Powershell or Extended Events..I will try to make it as entertaining as possible. Here is the rundown email from the SQLSaturday team: *** Also props to Perpetual Technologies, Inc. (PTI) for sponsoring this event! With about 30 days to go until SQLSaturday#23 at 10200 Linn Station Rd. Suite 110, Louisville, KY 40223 we’re still trying to get the news out to as many people as possible. Please take a moment to forward this email to friends and colleagues that might be interested. Remember, we have some topics of interest to developers that work with SQL Server and developers may well know someone else that might be interested – let them know! Here’s our updated schedule of presentations: Track Starts Session Title Speaker Track 2 04:15 PM Analysis Services 2008 End-to-End Craig Utley Track 2 11:15 AM Attunity CDC: Enabling the Real-Time SSIS Story Derek Comingore Track 1 11:15 AM Comparing...

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Presentations from this Week’s Events!

I have decided to consolidate the presentations from all the events this week in a single post. That way it makes it easier for me and you to get what you need. Thanks to everyone whom attended. Looks like we got great feedback. Sorry to everyone that attended my events as I was ill and the combination of NyQuil/DayQuil made me a little loopy:) But I think that everyone seemed to be really excited about the technology. If you want to see more then just ask ole Dave L. at the .NET Group or John M. of IndyPASS to hit me up for a specific topic one of these months. I am always willing to oblige if I have the time. Additionally, I want to remind people that I will be speaking at the Louisville SQL Saturday. So go onto the SQL Saturday site here to sign up. These files are from the following presentations. The titles link to the files IndyPASS: Database Normalization  Presented By: Arie Jones, Perpetual Technologies, Inc. If you’ve been in the DBA role for any amount of time then you have probably heard about normalization. Perhaps someone’s asked you "Is that database normalized?" or maybe you’ve always put your databases in “3rd Normal Form”. Normalization is often brushed aside as a luxury that only academics have time for. However, knowing the principles of normalization...

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