Month: October 2010

Speaking Performance Update: SQL Sat #53 & PTI’s Back to School Event

Well, I have gotten into the habit of sharing my scores from the feedback on the presentations from these major events that I end up going to. Not really to boast or anything but I believe that it helps me to accomplish 2 things: 1. Keep me honest on my presentations: What I mean by this is I like to keep my content fresh and I always make sure that I put effort into it. For whatever reason, I am just not built to give the same exact presentation every time. I at least change up the demos and when I get less than 5’s across the board then it gives me something to aim for the next time around. 2. Provide information: I hope that people whom are in the user groups are actually following up on whom their speakers are and to that extent if they look here then they already have an idea on some of the things that I speak about…what their scores are…maybe it will make the job easier for them. By far the most common question I get when I say I can speak at a user group is ‘What can you talk about?’. To which my response has always been ‘Here are some things I HAVE talked about but what would YOU LIKE to see me talk about?’ . I am  lucky...

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#SQLSAT53 : Kansas City BBQ Smothered in Awesomesauce!

Well, third weekend in a row presenting … so now I am up to 8 presentations in a 3 week period…. personal best..Lol! Anywho, the event was awesome as most SQL Saturday events are. If you have never been to one then you just simply do not know what you are missing! So in order to make your life feel whole again I would suggest that you check out the event site  and support you local events that will be coming up in the near future. Speaker Appreciation Night This was probably the most unique speaker dinner I have been to. Normally, it’s held someplace that is nice and everyone has a great time. This time however, the KC crew upped it a notch and took us out to a Kansas City Royals ball game complete with a suite…No S#!@  check out the pic if you don’t believe it! Food, conversation, and watching KC take the Rays out to the woodshed….what more could you ask for! Event Site The event site was truly the most unique and fun setup I have seen. It was held in a former casino that still had the original them intact! They had a huge cafeteria area and some of the best BBQ for lunch. Presentations My presentations went off without a hitch. I gave 2 this time around, the first was on...

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