Archive | November, 2010

We Need a Few Good DBAs!

One of the things that surprised me the most when I became a Regional Mentor for the Midwest Region of PASS was how few groups there were in my little three state AO(Area of Operations). I mean seriously, you can swing a dead cat and hit nay number of .NET user groups but there is […]

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Microsoft MVP Program Nominations

Interesting enough I learned something the other day through Twitter. It seems that the Microsoft MVP program actually takes nominations through a specific email address. I had always thought that you could only be nominated by an existing MVP or a Microsoft employee…   So if you know someone in the community that you […]

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Speaking at #CBusPASS Tonight

Tonight I will have the honor of presenting at the Columbus, OH PASS Group. If you are in the area then please stop by..ESPECIALLY if you have never been to a PASS user group meeting before. I cannot tell you how many people I meet that are simply amazed that these groups are out there […]

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