Month: November 2010

We Need a Few Good DBAs!

One of the things that surprised me the most when I became a Regional Mentor for the Midwest Region of PASS was how few groups there were in my little three state AO(Area of Operations). I mean seriously, you can swing a dead cat and hit nay number of .NET user groups but there is a serious lack of SQL Server user groups. So take this as a call to arms to get involved! Starting a PASS chapter is a LOT easier than you may think and PASS’s Regional Mentor program is there to help you out! Seriously,what does it take to become a PASS chapter? Sign and fulfill the Official PASS Chapter Agreement Post PASS logo, link to the PASS web site, state that they are a PASS Chapter, and promote PASS events that may occur, Attend the Chapter Leadership Meeting at the PASS Community Summit, if they are attending the Summit, Ensure that meetings contain SQL Server content, Inform PASS of any updates pertaining to contact information, change in leadership, and participate in quarterly chapter update reports, Encourage all members to join PASS, membership is free so there is no reason not to join. Best of all, besides the fame and notoriety that you will gain from your peers by starting a local PASS chapter there are also other tangible benefits as well! FREE Web Site Hosting...

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Microsoft MVP Program Nominations

Interesting enough I learned something the other day through Twitter. It seems that the Microsoft MVP program actually takes nominations through a specific email address. I had always thought that you could only be nominated by an existing MVP or a Microsoft employee…   So if you know someone in the community that you think deserves to be nominated then you can drop a direct line into the MVP program. Pretty cool! See Twitter is good for something ! Cheers!...

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Speaking at #CBusPASS Tonight

Tonight I will have the honor of presenting at the Columbus, OH PASS Group. If you are in the area then please stop by..ESPECIALLY if you have never been to a PASS user group meeting before. I cannot tell you how many people I meet that are simply amazed that these groups are out there and once they join in they are hooked. Here are the details which can be found on their website as well. When: Thursday, November 11th, 6:00PM – 8:30PM Where: Battelle for Kids – 1160 Dublin Rd Suite 500, Columbus, OH 43215 For those who can’t attend in Person, Live Meeting will be available here. Audio will be available via Live Meeting Food and drinks will be provided. Topic Take Control of Your Databases With Policy Based Management & Resource Governor A large majority of a modern DBA’s workload consists of managing their policies and resources on their system in order to ensure that they are being followed and resources are accessible when needed. SQL Server 2008 provides both Policy Based Management (PBM) and Resource Governor, which allows the DBA to discretely manage system policies and resources in a very structured way. In this session, we will show you how to configure, monitor, and administer these features to help lower your anxiety levels while increasing your system’s availability. Presenter Arie Jones (Blog, Twitter) Arie...

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