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#SQLSat72 Hawaii : Blogger Support!

Well folks, in talking with the fabulous Karla Kay ( Blog | Twitter ) I just discovered that some SQL Saturdays ( website )  such as SQLSat #72 in Hawaii and SQLSat #67 in Chicago both offer what is deemed a Blog Sponsorship Level! Complete with an image and link to your site! No S$%t!  […]

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#SQLSAT45 Louisville Post-Mortem

  Well another SQL Saturday is under the ol’ belt and thankfully this one was actually a little rejuvenating for me. This is because so far during the first part of the year the following series of events has unfolded… 1. Mother in law Jeep’s front tire falls off on highway…luckily not injured 2. Dislocated […]

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#TSQL2sDay: Resolutions for 2011!

So a new year and a new batch of T-SQL Tuesdays this time it is hosted by none other than MVP Jen McCown (blog|twitter), with today’s topic being specifically about the resolutions that we have for 2011… without further ado let’s begin.. This year, for me, is going to be pretty much like Sherman’s March […]

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