Month: January 2011

#SQLSat72 Hawaii : Blogger Support!

Well folks, in talking with the fabulous Karla Kay ( Blog | Twitter ) I just discovered that some SQL Saturdays ( website )  such as SQLSat #72 in Hawaii and SQLSat #67 in Chicago both offer what is deemed a Blog Sponsorship Level! Complete with an image and link to your site! No S$%t!  What a fabulous idea! So here is where this is key for you if you own a blog site…especially if you would like more exposure for your site. You pay your $5 or $25 or whatever and set up your link. Users will view the sponsorship page and will possibly click through to your site. More importantly think of the traffic that the SQL Saturday site gets ….. this will provide an important referring link to your site which should lift where you show up in search results. Better search results mean more viewers …just type in “SSIS Iif” in Bing or ‘”The Google” and see what comes up!  That’s right BABY, my post! Take that MSDN! So I would greatly recommend that you look into this opportunity as it should be a pretty cool feature that those of us wanting to sponsor the community but don’t have like $500 laying around can still chip in! If you decide to sponsor after reading this post make sure to leave me a comment below with...

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#SQLSAT45 Louisville Post-Mortem

  Well another SQL Saturday is under the ol’ belt and thankfully this one was actually a little rejuvenating for me. This is because so far during the first part of the year the following series of events has unfolded… 1. Mother in law Jeep’s front tire falls off on highway…luckily not injured 2. Dislocated thumb….drove self to emergency room…mouse hand thumb immobilized for 2 weeks 3. Car that is not supposed to lock itself when in Park and running locks itself making me call a locksmith 4. Same day as #3 module thingee for 4 wheel drive goes out on wife’s vehicle. So to say that 2011 is going less than excellent would be an understatement. …. yet I believe it is beginning to turn around. SQL Saturday #45 in Louisville had a lot of people in attendance. My two sessions on Change Data Capture and Reporting Services 2008 R2 Data Visualizations were pretty well packed and went pretty good. This is especially heartening since I was not even going to go to this event because I got so tied up at work I missed the deadline for submissions. But as luck would have it they had a cancellation and the coordinator hit me up to see if I could do 2 presentations … I sent them about 7 or 8 to chose from:) I think what stood...

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#TSQL2sDay: Resolutions for 2011!

So a new year and a new batch of T-SQL Tuesdays this time it is hosted by none other than MVP Jen McCown (blog|twitter), with today’s topic being specifically about the resolutions that we have for 2011… without further ado let’s begin.. This year, for me, is going to be pretty much like Sherman’s March to the Sea….yes that’s right …scorched earth…..leave no DBA behind. I have resolved myself to the fact that maybe working 250 hours + a month isn’t the best thing for me and as such this year is going to be about ME! So here are the things that are on my agenda… Events Yes, I know that most of you that know me will say “But AJ you already do a massive amount of speaking events throughout the year”….Yes, this is true but I am going to redouble my efforts….try to self-fund more SQL Saturdays and Code Camps …and even put in for the PASS Summit this year. This is just my reaffirmation to the community that this coming year will be filled with more fun and knowledge….maybe even more Winnie the Pooh & Eeyore skits! Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) That’s right. I have decided to plunk down some of my own money to take the MCM exams. Prior to the change up I thought is was just toooooo expensive and toooooo much time...

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