Month: February 2011

Entity Framework 4.0 Blitz! IndyNDA Presentation

Well, I had a great time at the IndyNDA meeting last night! Probably about 100 people in attendance and very few of them were actively using Entity Framework …So hopefully this presentation was a little bit of an eye opener for them. Next month I plan on doing a whole list of Entity Framework topics …basically it will be my Month of EF ….or Month of Effing EF 4.0 !  or something cool like that …..if people might want to see more webcasts on it then comment on this post with what you would like to see and I will try to see about doing more LiveMeetings this coming month on this topic. For those of you whom attended last night here are my code files….remember this IS NOT necessarily production type code but more of my stream of thought stuff.. Presentation Files Cheers!...

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Speaking at IndyNDA Thursday Feb 9th, 2011

I will be presenting at the Indy .Net Developers Association(IndyNDA) on Feb. 9th, 2011 on Entity Framework 4.0..I am a last minute fill in but more than happy to accommodate the developer community. This should be a pretty exciting talk so hopefully you and all your friends will join us for some pizza, soda, and good knowledge:) you can find out more at the IndyNDA website: Cheers! AJ Entity 4.0 Blitz: Going from Zero to ADO.Net Hero in 60 Minutes Presented by Arie Jones With the recent release of Visual Studio 4.0, Microsoft has release their next iteration of the Entity Framework. For those of you whom have held off learning the new platform, now is the time to jump in. This version of the EF has tons of new features that developers have been clamoring for since the 1.0 release. We’ll cover things like: development approaches,T4 code generation, persistence ignorance, lazy loading, and much more! Plus, we’ll delve into how EF4 ties into your WCF applications as well as the new WCF Data Services(formerly ADO.NET Data Services). Come see what you have been missing out on and take your simplistic ORM mappings to the next level. About Arie Arie Jones ‘AJ’ is the Principal Technology Manager for Perpetual Technologies, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN. Arie leads PTI’s team of expert consultants in planning, design, development, deployment, and management...

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