Month: May 2011

Code Smarter Not Harder #1: Caliburn.Micro

I often give presentations at Code Camps and such on how to easily assimilate new Microsoft technologies into your everyday coding tool belt. However, I have decided to start a series in order to demonstrate how to use Microsoft & non-Microsoft implemented solutions …some free some paid for… which can definitely help you out with certain projects. So first up on deck is an awesome little framework known as Cliburn.Micro. This is a framework developed from the original Caliburn project by Rob Eisenberg ( blog | twitter ) . What I like about this framework is that it is really pretty lightweight … about 2K lines of code give or take and is built upon the simple premise that conventions can leveraged to make your programming life much easier. Such a simple thought, make a convention in your programming, write some a little code to take advantage of it, stick to it, and you don’t end up with carpal tunnel syndrome by the time you’re 35. So first thing is first. You can get the Caliburn.Micro source code from CodePlex here or you can just pick up some template from the VS2010 Extension Manager Online Gallery as shown below. So let’s fire up a new WPF project. Nothing fancy here we’re just picking a Caliburn Micro for WPF project template but you’ll notice there are also templates for Silverlight...

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Vote for Pass Summit 2011 Sessions

** ONLY OPEN TILL MAY 20th, 2011 !!! This year PASS is asking for your input in helping them select the sessions that will be added to the roster this year. The program committee will use YOUR input to help them decide which sessions get in and which ones don’t. This sounds like an excellent opening up of the process by PASS and really should be applauded. So for those of you that want your input heard please go and vote. I have submitted this year four different sessions so if you think they would be interesting….Hmmm, when have my presentations never been interesting??? … then please feel free to vote for them 🙂 PASS Summit Session Voting Cheers! AJ Everything Your Developer Won’t Tell You About SQL Azure [200] Session Category: Regular Session (75 minutes) Session Track: SQL Azure Speaker(s): Arie Jones Cloud computing is being hailed by some as the future silver bullet to everyone’s data availability woes and as such SQL Azure is Microsoft’s cloud based data platform. However, the platform is much different from simply a SQL Server that sits in the cloud and needs to be approached in an intelligent manner. In this fast paced session, we will be going well beyond the simple “hello world” scenario to show you how to leverage the cloud architecture for data storage as well as educate you...

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#sqlsat82: ZOMG! SQL Saturday Indianapolis is COMING!

That’s right SQL peeps! Indianapolis is only a month away from having its very first SQL Saturday and you can definitely be a part of it. It’ll be a full day of free training…all you have to pay is a measly $10.00 for lunch. Participants The event is going to be held at the prestigious  University of Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN on June 25th, 2011. We’ve scoped out a pretty cool venue and the area looks like it will be really good for people to network all during the event. If you haven’t signed up yet do so here.. SQL Saturday #82 Registration Speakers We still need for you to submit to the event!  Call for Speakers ends on 5/25/2011..that’s roughly a week away! Don’t procrastinate…get them in NOW! Call for Speakers User Group Leaders We still need to get the word out! So please Tweet, whatever the heck they call a post on LinkedIn, Blog, or write an article for your local newspaper in order to get the word out. We want to have MAXIMUM participation in order to show potential sponsors for other SQL Saturday events what a viable venue these things are for exposing DBAs to their products and services. Plus, Andy Warren (Blog | Twitter ) told me on his death bed….well, okay he wasn’t dying…but he looked dead tired…. that he would like to...

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