Month: September 2011

Hyper-V Guest Drops Network Connection

I am in the process of setting up a new server…pretty much a fairly decent sized box that will house a new Hyper-V setup. The large red-glowey thing on the end is supposed to replace a half dozen smaller machines I have laying around and has the capacity to basically run about 9-10 machines on it. So step one of the setup in getting an internal domain up and running on Hyper-V is setting up the DC…no sweat…I have created templates and everything so I have a new box up and running with AD,DNS,DHCP…etc..etc in about 30 minutes…. Now in the Hyper-V settings I have the network wired to one of the physical network cards so that I can have internet access from within the “private network” on the box that the DC is controlling. Now internet is up and working as I have followed all the standard setup procedures… EXCEPT… when I try to do anything other than simply browse Bing the network connection drops! And I do mean drops….no internet…no DNS resolution…no ping outside of the virtual server. This also goes for Windows Update as well as just simply trying to validate the license. Everything brings the network to a halt….not the network on the base box…oh no …that is still up and churning away and easily confirmed with a continuous ping attempt in a command window…....

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Work Smarter Not Harder! Silverlight with Caliburn.Micro

Thanks for everyone that attended the webinar. Pragmatic Works should have the video up by the end of the week. I know that we obviously wen a little long and I don’t think I answered everyone’s questions so feel free to hit me up here or via Twitter or email. In the meantime, here is the “awesome” application ..Quoterific ..Lol.. for you to peruse over…. Please remember …. 1. You need Caliburn.Micro  2. You need Ninject 3. You need to update references to both of these…. 4. The project is not necessarily what I would consider “Production Code” …ie.. No h8ters! 5. Let me know if you would like to see more blog posts on this topic or maybe WP7   Quoterific Download   Cheers!...

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Swan Dive Into Filtered Indexes and Statistics

Thanks to everyone that attended the session. It was great getting a lot of good questions. As promised, here are the slides and the scripts for everything. Please make sure to visit cause they are the ones that provided the opportunity for you to get some free training. Demo Files Also remember that in two weeks I am giving another session with Pragmatic Works and it should be a blast! Cheers! AJ    Register! Description Start Working Smarter Not Harder! Silverlight with Caliburn.Micro Arie Jones As a developer one of my personal joys is discovering tools which simplify some of the mundane programming tasks and allow me to concentrate on the more intricate details of the application. Caliburn.Micro is a free open source framework developed by Rob Eisenberg that uses a Convention over Configuration approach to vastly simplify the types of mundane tasks that we would normally do in a typical Silverlight MVVM implementation. Come and join me in this session to learn the ins and outs of the framework and how to leverage it in order to drastically reduce your development timeline. I will be using minimal slides and lots of sample code in order to get you up to...

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