Archive | September, 2011

Hyper-V Guest Drops Network Connection

I am in the process of setting up a new server…pretty much a fairly decent sized box that will house a new Hyper-V setup. The large red-glowey thing on the end is supposed to replace a half dozen smaller machines I have laying around and has the capacity to basically run about 9-10 machines on […]

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Work Smarter Not Harder! Silverlight with Caliburn.Micro

Thanks for everyone that attended the webinar. Pragmatic Works should have the video up by the end of the week. I know that we obviously wen a little long and I don’t think I answered everyone’s questions so feel free to hit me up here or via Twitter or email. In the meantime, here is […]

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Swan Dive Into Filtered Indexes and Statistics

Thanks to everyone that attended the session. It was great getting a lot of good questions. As promised, here are the slides and the scripts for everything. Please make sure to visit cause they are the ones that provided the opportunity for you to get some free training. Demo Files Also remember that in […]

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