Archive | January, 2013

Silverlight : Hooking up a Default Button Action

One of the typical things that you may want to accomplish on a particular UI implementation in Silverlight is to have a default button that is triggered through the use of the enter key. For this Silverlight provides support UI Automation through a set of peer classes that derive from AutomationPeer. Most controls contain an […]

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BlogEngine.NET Settings Not Saving With Values Other Than Text

You may be using BlogEngine.NET 2.7 for your blogging solution like I am and have run into a rather sticky situation in which Settings values from non scalar entities are not saving the values of properties if they are anything other than text properties. This was a little frustrating to me since I have used […]

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Review: Samsung 840 Series 250GB Sata III Solid State Drive

In order to be a little more productive at work, I decided that it was high time that I switched out my older 500GB mechanical hard drive with an SSD. My old setup was utilizing a Hitatchi 500GB internal hard drive. Nothing fancy but it had finally gotten to the point where to boot up […]

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