Archive | March, 2013

Warning! Latest Windows 8 updates and SSD Acceleration!

So last night upon returning home, I found one of my super machines wanting to be restarted so that it could start to apply a batch of Windows 8 updates to it. This particular machine is one of the Z series motherboards which uses an SSD card as a cache drive for the primary drive […]

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SSIS Execute SQL Task : Mapping Parameters And Result Sets

A very common scenario in an ETL process is one in which you need to call out to some configuration tables to figure out some values that it needs to use somewhere downstream in the process. Quite often you also want to pass in some parameters as well. So in this article I will be […]

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Capitalism Works! Even for Hackers?

InfoWorld is finally reporting on a rather disheartening trend that I have watched over the past year or so, which is the rise of the consumer black markets for malware. That’s right, just when you thought that those wily hackers couldn’t get any worse, they have finally figured out that it isn’t really nearly as […]

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